Who are we?


FE Fabrication was born out of a simple need for low cost steel fabrication for the US market. With our backgrounds in engineering, maintenance and fabrication we bring to the table over 20 years of experience. We have partnered with our Mexican based fabricator to bring together both low cost fabrication and tighter delivery times.

Our partners in Mexico established themselves in 1990 with their main objective to respond to the growing need for development in construction within Mexico. They have gained a foothold in the construction and fabrication industry in Mexico with their competitive pricing, continuous improvement of construction and fabrication methods and the extensive experience of their staff. This comes together to allow them to offer quality, commitment and continued satisfaction to their customers.


With fabrication in Mexico, we plan to significantly reduce fabrication costs for the US market without the long shipping times typically seen with Asian suppliers. Our partners mission is to satisfy all customers by providing products and services through processes that seek to manage quality, profitability, customer relations, management processes, organizational sustainability and sustainable development.


Both us and our partners in Mexico have a common vision, to be the reliable supplier, continent wide, for steel fabrication and engineering services. To be recognized for our competitiveness, our culture of innovation, professional ethics and fairness, and our commitment to sustainable development.