LH Series

Longspan Steel Joists are relatively lightweight shop-fabricated steel trusses. Longspan Steel Joists are used for the direct support of floor or roof slabs or decks between walls, beams, and main structural members. The LH- and DLH-Series have been designed for the purpose of extending the use of joists to spans in excess of those covered by Open Web Joists.

Designed for longer span conditions and capable of accommodating larger loads, LH-Series Joists provide exceptional support. These joists are uniquely crafted to accommodate various conditions, offering the flexibility to incorporate special profiles as needed. Among the commonly used special profiles are gable joists and arched joists, enabling architects and engineers to tailor the joists to specific project requirements. With LH-Series Joists, structural possibilities expand to new horizons, allowing for custom solutions that meet the most demanding design challenges. 

Our Team offers:

  • Layout Drawings for EOR approval, 
  • BOM Creation and finally, 
  • Field Use Plans for use in the field.